Water Quality

Making sure the your home has excellent water quality is important for you and your family. Frederick and Sons can assist you in making sure that the water in your home is clean, soft and tastes great. We can provide a number of different water treatment and filtration solution options that can get your water quality to where you want it to be.

Water Softeners

Washing Hands with great quality water

Having Soft Water in your home provides many benefits. These include: Increasing the lifespan of your plumbing, allowing appliances to work more effectively, and  causing less dry skin, and making your skin and hair feel softer.

Reverse Osmosis

Shower with great quality water

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are an excellent solution to improve the taste, odor and clarity of your water.  Reverse Osmosis systems can remove impurities and drastically improve the quality of your water. Contact Frederick and Sons today to learn more about the advantages of having a Reverse Osmosis system installed in your home.

Filtration - Whole Home

Drink a glass of great tasting water

Installing a Whole Home Filtration system takes the worry and hassle out of providing pure and drinkable water throughout your home. No more going to just the kitchen sink or using a bottled water system. Go to any source in your home to get pure, drinkable great looking water.

Salt Free Systems

Little girl drinking great quality water

Soft water can be provided using either a salt based water softer or a salt free system. Salt free alternatives do provide a number of advantages such as removing established scaling from plumbing, very little maintenance and no added sodium content. Contact Frederick and Sons today to learn more about salt free water conditioning systems.