Frederick and Sons is your “go-to” source for expert plumbing services in Mesa and the East Valley. Whether your water heater is not working, you need a faucet or fixture to be repaired or replaced or you have a clogged or slow running drain, we can help. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can take care of the issue quickly and effectively. We do the job right the first time.

Water Heater Replacement / Repair

Water Heater

Not having hot water can really ruin your day. Frederick and Sons can repair or replace your hot water heater quickly and correctly. Our trained technicians can diagnose and correct the problem or recommend the right replacement.

Fixtures and Faucets

Fixing a leaky Faucet

Whether you have leaking or defective faucets or your toilet or shower is not working correctly, we can help. Maybe you just want to replace that dated kitchen faucet or finally use that new shower head. Frederick and Sons can assist you with a new installs or with a repairs.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a great alternative to traditional tank based systems. Tankless systems heat the water as you need it. No more heating water in the tank so that it will stay at a constant temperature. Frederick and Sons can assist you in sizing and selecting the right tankless water heating system for your home. Learn about the savings and benefits of heating water only when you need it.

Drain Cleaning

Fast running Drain

Clogged drains, slow running drains, sewer issues …. No problem, we can help. Frederick and Sons trained professionals can work with you to diagnose and solve your drain or sewer issue fast. Call us today.