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Frederick & Sons LLC provides expert Gilbert heating repair, replacement, and installations to residential and commercial customers all across Chandler and the East Valley. Whether you are using an electric heating unit or a gas heater, we can provide prompt and professional service so you can enjoy your winter in warmth again.

Causes of Heating Malfunctions

Regardless of the method your heater uses, whether it's a gas furnace or an all-in-one HVAC unit, the key factor in all breakdowns in wear and tear which simply happen over time, making time the real catalyst for these malfunctions. Over time, filters get clogged and thermostats start to make errors, leaving you with a musty, inefficient heating in your home or business. The best way to stay on top of this is regular maintenance through our Club Membership program.

Why Is My Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature?

It isn't always as simple as checking to make sure your thermostat is at the correct temperature. It could be that your thermostat is getting old, that it needs to be re-calibrated or moved to a better location in the home. We know that when the temperature doesn't match what the thermostat is reading it can be a little confusing. Here are 4 reasons your thermostat may be reading incorrectly,

4 reasons your thermostat may be reading the wrong temperature:

  • Thermostat is getting old -
    As thermostats get older they can tend to overheat. Just like most home appliances, a thermostat can develop problems over time. One of these problems being an incorrect temperature reading. The newer programmable thermostats are a great replacement for the older manual thermostats. This not only fixes the problem but will help you save money on your utility bill.
  • The thermostat may just need to be re-calibrated - 
    Sometimes the thermostat sensor may be malfunctioning and just need re-calibration. This is always a good first step to troubleshooting the problem. 
  • The location of the thermostat isn't optimal -
    If your thermostat is in a location that has direct sunlight or is particularly drafty, the thermostat will not provide proper temperature readings.
  • The thermostat ins't level - 
    With older thermostats, they used mercury and it's crucial that the thermostat is level in order for the mercury to provide correct temperature readings. If isn't level, the thermostat will always give incorrect readings.

Gilbert heating services that we offer:

  • Heating system repairs
  • Heating system installation
  • Gas furnace installation and repair
  • Heat pump replacement and repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Heater fans & coils
  • HVAC equipment overhauls and upgrades
  • Mini split heating systems
  • Fireplaces
  • Boilers

We start by performing a thorough inspection of your home or office space. If you are undecided on the type of heater you need, we can also make recommendations based on your usage, budget, and preferences. Our pricing is honest and upfront - no hidden fees!

Available 24/7 to Fix Your Emergencies

When your heater breaks down, we know how important it is that you get it back up running - and fast. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergencies. When you call us, we our Gilbert emergency plumbers can come to your home, diagnose the issue, and find a quick and effective solution for you. We are always here when you need us, even during those late-night emergencies when everyone else is asleep.

Maximizing the Comfort of Residential & Commercial Customers

We have been serving residential homes and businesses all across the East Valley for over 35 years. Our clients trust us to provide reliable Gilbert heating services at affordable rates, without sacrificing in quality. We take pride in all of our work, which is why we offer warranties and guarantee your satisfaction. When you need a team to get the job done right the first time, you can always count on us.

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