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Water Treatment in Gilbert

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis & Whole House Filters

Whether you get your water from a well or from the municipal water system, taking control of the water you use and consume can have incredible benefits for your lifestyle and health. Water treatment is about more than just improving the taste or potability of your tap water. Installing a water softener, for instance, can improve the effectiveness of soaps and shampoos in your next shower. Frederick & Sons LLC has more than 35 years of experience installing water treatment systems in Gilbert homes and businesses, giving us the experience necessary to suggest the best plumbing solution for your needs.

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Water Softener Installation

When water is full of calcium and magnesium ions, it’s considered to be hard water. The benefits of softening your water go beyond the obvious plus of having cleaner, better-tasting water. Soft water can make your skin feel softer and your hair healthier. Not to mention it decreases buildup in appliances, helping them perform more efficiently and last longer.

Water softeners typically use salt to treat and soften your home’s water. This sometimes raises questions about the safety of drinking softened water. However, the typical amount of sodium that remains in your softened water is too small to negatively affect your health.

Installing a whole-house system to soften your water is an effective way to ensure you reap the benefits of soft water everywhere you use it. Smaller units are also available for treating the water at specific faucets or appliances throughout your home.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment

When you’re looking to purify the water that flows into your home, look no further than RO. Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective treatment options on the market. Often called RO for short, the process uses a partially permeable membrane to remove unwanted particles from drinking water. This method is ideal for under-sink installation to treat drinking water, or any water that will be consumed.

Benefits of reverse osmosis treatment include:

  • Water tastes better
  • Water is purified
  • Works well with water softeners
  • Water is better for cooking

Whole House Water Filters

Also called point-of-entry (POE) systems, whole house water filters are capable of filtering all the water that enters your home. These protect you at all points of contact, since every last drop is filtered regardless of its use.

While both water softeners and water filters are technically point-of-entry systems, they don’t cancel each other out. Having one doesn’t reduce the need for the other. In fact, they work very well together to increase the quality of your water for all uses from drinking to cooking to cleaning. Removing impurities from your water is an important part of maintaining your health.

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